Thursday, February 11, 2016

I Only Have Two Eyes 2015

El Sur screen capture from Spirit of the Beehive Criterion DVD (disc 2 supplement)

Though June 2015 marked the 10th anniversary of this blog, I didn't feel a strong desire to mention it at the time. Sometimes I wonder about the utility of an amateurly-put-together, ad-free site with an outdated design in today's era of feeds and streams and an increasingly video-centric online culture. But around this time of year (slightly later than usual, sorry) I remember one of the main annual joys I get to experience as founder and proprietor of Hell On Frisco Bay: collecting and posting repertory round-ups from some of the most thoughtful and devoted local cinephiles in my "I Only Have Two Eyes" project, so-named because it's impossible for one person to witness every great film screening occurring in a Frisco Bay cinema in a given year.

Unbelievably, this is the ninth consecutive year that I've conducted this survey, and this year's responses are as wide-ranging and reflective of the cinematic highlights of Bay Area revival/repertory screens as ever, in my opinion. Huge thanks to each and every one of the contributors this year! Without further ado, the list of entries (which will grow multiple times daily for the next week or so):

2/1/2016: Max Goldberg, archivist and critic whose writings are collected at
2/2/2016: Claire Bain, Canyon cinema filmmker, artist and writer. Her website.
2/2/2016: Brian Huser, high school teacher & film/media studies graduate.
2/3/2016: Lincoln Spector, proprietor of Bayflicks.
2/3/2016: Terri Saul, Berkeley-based artist.
2/4/2016: Ben Armington, who works for Box Cubed and participates in this podcast.
2/4/2016: David Robson, who blogs at the House of Sparrows.
2/5/2016: Adrianne Finelli, artist and co-curator of A.T.A.'s GAZE film series.
2/5/2016: Carl Martin, who maintains the Film on Film Foundation' Bay Area Film Calendar.
2/6/2016: Maureen Russell, cinephile and Noir City volunteer.
2/6/2016: Jesse Hawthorne Ficks, educator, writer & Midnites For Maniacs curator/host.
2/7/2016: Frako Loden, educator and writer for outlets such as
2/7/2016: Adam Hartzell, writer for as well as other outlets.
2/8/2016: Philip Fukuda, volunteer at various local film festivals.
2/8/2016: Michael Hawley, who runs the blog film-415.
2/10/2016: Marisa Vela, cinephile and artist.
2/11/2016: and my own list.


  1. Wow. Ten years. We started our respective blogs at about the same time. Anyways, congratulations.

  2. Thanks, Peter. Hope we cross paths again IRL; I enjoyed our lunch ten years ago a lot...