Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cine Elsewhere

Here is my first GreenCine Daily dispatch from the 51st San Francisco International Film Festival. I discuss the two revival screenings at the festival this past weekend- though I suppose I could also have included Bruce Conner's Cannes-bound Easter Morning from the Alternate Geographies shorts program (which plays again on Friday afternoon) as it's a reworking of his little-known 1966 work Easter Morning Raga.

An excerpt from my dispatch:

If the Leave Her to Heaven screening was a happy occasion to bridge the gulf between these two groups - classic cinema devotees and curious newbies - the previous night's screening of The Golem illustrated that trying too hard to connect a new audience with an old film can be fraught with complications.


  1. Here's raising a glass to Mark II. I like the nice, minimal design, Brian.

  2. Thanks, girish! I'm excited about this, but it's certainly a work in progress, that's for certain. The design will remain minimal, but it's not going to be exactly like this in its final form. For example, I've got to do something about my sidebar as soon as I have a little time...

  3. Bummer about the loss of the archives to your site, Brian. But such allows for a Zen-like moment of learning to let go of that to which we are attached.

    You can't keep a good blogger down, though.

    Here's to Brian 2.0!!!

  4. Well, Adam, I must admit I was never very good at Zen; I had to retake my Major Eastern Religions class in college to wipe out my terrible grade the first time around.

    If Hell On Frisco Bay were a purely solo endeavor, I might consider just "letting go" entirely. But so much of my project has been dependent on outgoing and incoming links that I feel it's important to slowly but surely try to restore what I can. I've just saved one post and hope to continue with more as I have free moments, not neglecting the importance of writing new posts as well, of course. The one thing I don't have the wherewithall to figure out is how to elegantly retain the comments.