Saturday, May 17, 2008

Skies Are Blue

If you're reading this here in Frisco: go outside. If you want to take advantage of the freakishly warm temperatures and see a movie too, check out the free outdoor screening of the Wizard of Oz tonight at dusk in Dolores Park, courtesy of the Neighborhood Theater Foundation. If the weather stays anything like the last couple evenings, you won't need to bring coats and blankets to keep warm. But such weather conditions are not likely to hold for the rest of the shows in the Summer schedule.


  1. Thank God. I was roasting in this apartment. I went and saw Iron Man to be in a cool theatre, I wish I had gone to see Wizard of Oz instead...


  2. I enjoyed watching Iron Man, having grown up on the comics. In fact he was my favorite superhero, and the 11-year-old in me was cheering again and again to see scenes that were written and acted with intelligence and an awareness of the best things about the comic books.

    However, once the film ended, I realized just how many of the interesting themes brought up in the first half of the film were almost completely dropped in the second half. Ultimately it's like any other Hollywood blockbuster: in one eye and out the other. I'll see the sequels but I'm not sure I have much desire to see the original again. Unlike the Wizard of Oz, which I can watch again and again and not et tired of.