Thursday, June 5, 2008

Film of the Month Club

I've been asked to select the June film at the new Film of the Month Club blog, where a different participant picks a DVD for a monthly discussion. I picked Cecil B. DeMille's the Golden Chance, filmed in late 1915 at the same time as DeMille was making the Cheat, the film that would propel him to fame in Europe when it was released after the end of World War I. One of the least-known DeMille films available on DVD (it currently has 28 imdb votes to the Cheat's 554 and the 15,779 for the 1956 the Ten Commandments, as unscientific as that measurement may be), I'm hoping the discussion will shine light on the film, and perhaps open conversation on what it means to be watching DVDs of films more than 90 years old.

I'll be rewatching the DVD this week, and as I mention in my introductory post on the film, I will put up another piece a week from today, June 12th. Hope you can join me, whether by joining the Film of the Month Club, or by commenting on the posts.


  1. Hi Bri, I like the frisco film house listing you had on you other blog. Have you considered putting it on this one?

  2. I've been putting it off, but thanks to your request, it's now back (in slightly modified state)! Thanks for setting the fire under my feet!