Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Laura Horak Has Two Eyes

The Frisco Bay repertory/revival scene cannot be taken in by a single pair of eyes. Thankfully, a number of local filmgoers have agreed to share their favorites from 2009. An index of participants is found here.

The following list comes from Laura Horak, Ph.D. Candidate in Film Studies at the University of California:

Here's my list of my top rep film experiences of 2009 (leaning toward the last 3 months, since I can hardly remember the ones before that. In no particular order:

Anatomy of a Murder @ PFA, introduced by Carol Clover - fabulous introduction, particularly how she used the original theatrical trailer to make her point; in any event Carol Clover is not to be missed and it was a joy to see this film on the big screen with a packed audience

The Count of Old Town @ PFA - Ingrid Bergman as a very young girl (18?) in this silly, fun, funny early Swedish talkie; what's not to love?

Sherlock Jr @ Castro w/ SFSFF - so great to see this film w/ live musicians and a packed out crowd. also, it happens to be one of the best films of all time.

Alexander Black: Cinema Pioneer, an illustrated lecture by Kaveh Askari @ PFA - this just blew my mind! the lecture was fascinating and the films, recently acquired and preserved by the PFA were just incredible

East and West (1923) @ PFA

The Dybbuk @ PFA: uncanny!

The Fast and the Furious on PFA lawn: So fun drinking and eating and lying on the PFA lawn - just like the storied olden days of PFA, with hilarious driver safety video starring Dick Van Dyke (I think) and a preview for an Evil Kenival movie w/ a very old Gene Kelly

Lost Landscapes w/ Rick Prelinger @ Herbst - amazing that this kind of event sells out such a huge theater! only in San Francisco!

The one that got away - I meant to see this but I got sick and all my friends went and told me it was the best viewing experience of the year - Dil Bole Hadippa! @ Castro w/ S. Asian FF - a charming Bollywood film about a cross-dressing girl cricket player - I hear the film broke at one point and then started up again w/ extreme slow mo of water dripping down perfectly sculpted abs, much to the delight of the Castro audience.

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