Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Free Land (2009)

WHO: Minda Martin directed this.

WHAT: Since I haven't seen it, let me quote from Robert Koehler's review:
Martin's adventurous manipulation of complex sound work, solarized images, superimpositions and archival selections sets her work apart from other docs on the Native American experience; as terrible as her family history becomes, affected by a legacy of American subjugation of indigenous people, her telling of it is shot through with vital artistry.
WHERE/WHEN: Screening is at 7:00 PM tonight only at the Pacific Film Archive

WHY: This screens as part of Week 2 in the PFA's Documentary Voices series presented to the public in conjunction with a UC Berkeley course entitled History of Documentary Film taught by Linda Williams. Tonight's selections are all cherry-picked from the 2012 Robert Flaherty Film Seminar, programmed there by scholar Josetxo Cerdán. Along with Free Land two shorter works screen: Dustin Guy Defa's Family Nightmare and Ben Rivers' Ah, Liberty! I have not seen either, but I've seen enough of Rivers' work to know this is going to be a special evening. Other films playing upcoming Tuesday nights as part of this series include Chang (with Luis Buñuel's Land Without Bread), 48 (another Flaherty pick), and Werner Herzog's Into The Abyss.

HOW: Free Land and Family Nightmare will screen digitally, and Ah, Liberty! will screen in 16mm.

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