Monday, March 11, 2013

Persécution (2009)

WHO: Patrice Chéreau directed, and Romain Duris and Charlotte Gainsbourg star in this.

WHAT: I have not seen it, so let me quote from the always-perceptive acquarello:
Stitching together pieces of a seemingly rootless and unremarkable life as itinerant worker, nursing home volunteer, and insecure lover, Chéreau creates a lucid and provocative exposition on the ephemeral - and searing - nature of the search for human connection.
WHERE/WHEN: 7:30 PM tonight and 5:00 PM Wednesday at the Vogue. UPDATE: A reader informs me it also screens March 20th at the Camera 3.

WHY: The Vogue screens this as part of the local stop of a touring package of contemporary French films entitled Rendez-Vous with French Cinema. Though the series began on Friday, all but one of the titles play at least once more before Thursday, including Claudine Nougaret & Raymond Depardon's Journal de FranceJacques Doillon's You, Me & Us, and Patrice Leconte's The Suicide Shop.

HOW: I'm not sure. The Bay Area Film Calendar doesn't list any of the Rendez-Vous with French Cinema screenings on its site, but that may be because the series snuck up on its compiler of local film-on-film screenings as quickly as it did on me. UPDATE: A reader informs that all these screenings will indeed be digitally projected.


  1. The series is presented by an outfit called Emerging Pictures which specializes in digital distribution of cultural events. Carl Martin confirms everything will be on video. The only one of these recent titles I've been able through my own research and talking to people in New York who have already seen them, to verify was not made on film is the interesting-sounding Augustine, which I'll be seeing Tuesday. I plan to boycott the rest

  2. Thanks; I've updated the post.

  3. This same series is playing at the Camera 3 Cinemas in San Jose through March 31 (not everyday).

  4. Those of you who boycott digital projection better get used to never seeing any new films. We are very close to the time when new films will no longer be available on 35mm. So enjoy that repertory programming 'cuz that's all you're gonna get.

  5. Dear Anonymous: To clarify, I see plenty of digital projection where the works were shot on video. If no nearby exhibitor takes the trouble to get a 35mm print of a movie shot on film, I will wait to see it at home on my TV. I know Brian disagrees with me about this, but that is my

  6. We all navigate this transitional time as best we can, Larry. I wouldn't use the word "disagree" but I do take a different approach in my own viewing patterns.