Monday, April 15, 2013

Ginger And Rosa (2012)

WHO: Directed by Sally Potter, the director of Orlando and Yes among other films.

WHAT: I haven't seen any of Potter's films aside from Orlando and Yes, including this, her latest one. But on the track record of those two (which I consider among the best narrative features made in the 1990s & 2000s, respectively), I'm sold on seeing anything she's made in the cinema if an opportunity to comes my way. Which is why I'm glad that Ginger And Rosa has remained in local cinemas for a few weeks already. I don't know too much about the film other than that it's a politically-themed coming of age story set in 1960s London, and that 13-year-old Elle Fanning (so wonderful in Sofia Coppola's Somewhere) has gotten high praise for her performance as 17-year-old Ginger. It appears to be less divisive of critics than Yes was; there are no negative reviews of it on Metacritic.

WHERE/WHEN: Screens 7PM each night through Thursday at the Little Roxie, three times daily through Thursday at the Stonestown Twin, and 8:30 PM Tuesday and Wednesday at the Rafael Film Center in San Rafael.

WHY: Although the Bay Area Film Calendar is known for pointing out the screenings involving film projection at festivals (all the upcoming San Francisco International Film Festival's film-on-film screenings are in green, for instance) and at repertory houses, it's less-known as a place to see where new releases are getting theatrical runs on 35mm, an increasingly rare occurrence as theatres continue to convert to digital-only (or close enough; a place like the Rafael is rare in that it retains its 35mm capability, but it uses it only for occasional revival screenings like this Thursday's showing of Joe Dante's Matinee), and distributors eschew striking prints for more and more of their releases. Ginger And Rosa was available in Frisco Bay cinemas only as a digital presentation until the Roxie got a hold of a print last Friday. I'm glad I waited until now to see it, as I appreciate the ability to support 35mm runs wherever they pop up.

HOW: As noted, Ginger And Rosa screens in 35mm at the Little Roxie. It screens digitally at the Stonestown and the Rafael.

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