Monday, May 20, 2013

Killer At Large (1947)

WHO: William Beaudine is known as "the Man Who Made 500 Movies" and this was one of the uncountable many he directed.

WHAT: A newspaper-themed B-noir starring Robert Lowery (who would soon play Bruce Wayne in Columbia's Batman And Robin serial- the first post-World War II screen version of the character) and Anabel Shaw (so memorable in supporting roles in films like ShockHigh Tide and Gun Crazy). I haven't seen it.

WHERE/WHEN: Tonight only at the Roxie at 6:40 and 9:30.

WHY: When the Roxie calls this one "obscure" in their program notes they aren't kidding! Barely mentioned in any literature, including Beaudine's own biography, and possessing fewer than 5 user votes and only one user review at the Internet Movie Database, this is the kind of movie that makes Fall Guy and Club Havana seem like well-known titles.

HOW: 16mm print, on a double bill with Key Witness, another relatively unknown B picture screening on 35mm.

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