Saturday, November 2, 2013

Night Hunter (2011)

WHO: Stacey Steers made this.

WHAT: A collage/animation installation whose video portion was shown as a single-channel work at the Pacific Film Archive in September, at a screening described here. The title derives from the Charles Laughton-directed masterpiece Night of the Hunter, featuring Lillian Gish in a key role. Other films starring Gish in her silent-film heyday are incorporated into the work.

WHERE/WHEN: On display starting today at the Catherine Clark Gallery; its open hours are 11-6 Tuesdays through Saturdays.

WHY: Though film and video can be wonderfully experienced in the communal darkness of a cinema, it find another audience, and another form of appreciation, when presented in a gallery setting. Though I have not seen Night Hunter in this form yet, I'm very much looking forward to visiting the gallery and getting another perspective on a piece I enjoyed in the cinema context.

HOW: An installation involving sculpture and 35mm animation transfered to video.

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