Tuesday, January 27, 2015

IOHTE: Michael Hawley

"IOHTE" stands for "I Only Have Two Eyes"; it's my annual survey of selected San Francisco Bay Area cinephiles' favorite in-the-cinema screenings of classic films and archival oddities from the past year. An index of participants can be found here.

Contributor Michael Hawley blogs at his own site film-415.

Ten Favorite 2014 Bay Area Revival Screenings

Screen capture from Kino DVD
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (Germany, 1920, director Robert Wiene), Castro Theatre, San Francisco Silent Film Festival's Silent Autumn, U.S. premiere of a mind-blowing 4K digital restoration)

Noir City oriental-ist triple bill of Singapore (1947, director John Brahm), Macao (1952, director Josef von Sternberg) and The Shanghai Gesture (1941, director Josef von Sternberg), Castro Theatre, Noir City

Queen Margot: The Director's Cut (France, director Patrice Chéreau), Kabuki Sundance Cinema, San Francisco International Film Festival

Curt McDowell double bill of Taboo: The Single and the LP (1980) and Sparkle's Tavern (1985), Roxie Theatre, with Melinda McDowell in person)

Son of the Sheik (1926, director George Fitzmaurice), Castro Theatre, San Francisco Silent Film Festival's Silent Autumn, world premiere of new score by The Alloy Orchestra

Julien Duvivier double bill of Highway Pickup (France, 1963) and Deadlier Than the Male (France, 1963) at the Roxie Theatre, "The French Had a Name For It" French film noir series 

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