Tuesday, February 3, 2015

IOHTE: Claire Bain

"IOHTE" stands for "I Only Have Two Eyes"; it's my annual survey of selected San Francisco Bay Area cinephiles' favorite in-the-cinema screenings of classic films and archival oddities from the past year. An index of participants can be found here.

Contributor Claire Bain is an artist, filmmaker and writer. She is a frequent contributor to the Artists Television Access blog, and most of the links below lead to her writings on the  screenings there.
Screen capture from Frameline DVD

Screaming Queens: the Riot at Comption's Cafeteria (directed by Susan Stryker & Victor Silverman, 2005), A.T.A. January 25, 2014

30 hour marathon, A.T.A. September 5-6, 2014

Marya Krogstad, A.T.A. July 14, 2014

U-Matic Night, A.T.A. July 3, 2014

Fred Alvarado, A.T.A. April 4, 2014

Thick Relations, A.T.A. March 21, 2014

Speaking Directly, Alley Cat Books presentation from SF Cinematheque. February 14, 2014

Reaching For the Moon, A.T.A. August 21, 2014
  And one last one, not from a blog:
Screen capture from Warner DVD
One cool Saturday April morning I drove my tired ass to meet a friend at the Balboa Theater's Popcorn Palace, their true Saturday matinee ("matin" means morning in French) where 10 bucks gets you admission and endless popcorn. I met a friend who is a Ray Harryhausen fan, to see The Valley of Gwangi. I expected kids to be running up and down the aisles, but there were only adults, more than a handful of fully mature ones. The movie had a compelling mix of intense characters, including a badass cowgirl boss, a miniature horse, and then some dinosaurs. The epic battle near the end had spellbinding cinematography and nicely blended (not digital, no no no this was long before) effects that occasionally had alluring rhythms that made me think of loops in the optical printer (analog re-photographing apparatus for creating/blending special effects on film). Hilariously creative, it's a movie worth seeing, especially if you can catch it in a theater on some rare occasion. But I do recommend the Balboa Theater's Popcorn Palace!

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