Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Only have Two Eyes: Ben Armington

2008 was another great year for Frisco Bay repertory/revival screenings. I'm so pleased that a number of local cinephiles have agreed to provide a list of their favorite events attended here over the year. An index of participants is found here.

The following list comes from Ben Armington:

2008 was unfortunately for me characterized by an abundance of good rep programming that i slept on for one diabolical reason or another (the Aldrich series at the PFA being a recent tragic example) but happily I did manage to step out for these 7 wonders of the world that made everything OK:

1) A Brighter Summer Day (clay theatre, SFIAAFF '08)

2) Times Square (YBCA)

3) Markéta Lazarová (PFA)

4) Go Go Tales / Profit Motive & The Whispering Wind (kabuki, SFIFF '08)

5) Otto; or Up with Dead People (castro, Frameline '08)

6) The Devils (castro)

7) Bruce Conner tribute (PFA)

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