Wednesday, January 28, 2009


This week, some moviegoers are flocking to see the films currently competing for prizes ensuring a legacy, at the very least in the almanacs and surveys of the future. Others, at least here in Frisco, are mobbing the Noir City festival and other venues (the Stanford, perhaps?) to watch films that have already stood the test of time.

But for those with an interest in charting the position of so-called ephemeral media in the ever-changing tide of motion picture history, it might be worth popping over to the Disposable Film Festival at the Roxie, ATA, and Oddball to see videos exclusively made with "non-professional" cameras: webcams, cellphone cameras, one-time-use cameras, etc. Some (certainly not all) of the shorts presented may be available on Youtube and the like, but this is a chance to see them in an uncompressed format on a big screen with an audience. As the festival explains, "these films are often made quickly, casually, and sometimes even unintentionally." Rest assured, they were not selected in that manner. The competitive program happens tomorrow (Thursday) night at the Roxie at 8PM (a sold-out show) and repeats at 10PM. More events at other venues occur throughout the weekend. Details here.

(Image from Not In Kansas Anymore by Rebekah Estey)

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