Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wajda Statistics

Name: Andrzej Wajda (pronounced VY-da)

Place of birth: Suwalki, Poland

Date of birth: March 6th, 1926

Age upon release of his first feature film, a Generation: 28

Number of film credits as director listed at imdb since then: 45

Number of films screening in the Pacific Film Archive retrospective running January 16th through February 18th: 12

Films of his that I've seen before: a Generation, Kanal and Ashes and Diamonds, coincidentally the three playing at the PFA this weekend.

My personal favorite of those three: Kanal

Film most recently added to the PFA series: the Maids of Wilko, replacing the previously scheduled series closer Danton.

Highest-rated film according to imdb: Man of Marble

Second-highest: the Promised Land

Only film to have won the Cannes Palme D'or: Man of Iron

Writers who have published English-language pieces on Wajda on the internet: acquarello, Adam Bingham, Michael Brooke, Rahul Hamid, pacze moj, Matilda Mroz, Renata Murawska (interview) Elżbieta Ostrowska, Boris Trbac

The Wajda films I should make my highest priority to see (a.k.a. "Most Vital Wajda"): click here


  1. Of the films listed, I've seen Kanal, Ashes and Diamonds, Man of Marble, Man of Iron and Danton. My favorite Wajda is one not included in the retrospective: Siberian Lady Macbeth.

  2. Oh, that opening shot in Kanal is truly a thing of beauty. I've seen the films you have and also Landscape After Battle, which I didn't enjoy very much.

    How timely this post is - just today I found and purchased "The Cinema of Andrzej Wajda" by Bolestaw Michatek at Green Apple! The pictures from "Ashes" look great.

  3. That is opportune! Perhaps I'll see you at a screening...

    Peter, the S.F. public library has Siberian Lady Macbeth in its collection, so I shall take advantage.

  4. I wish I could attend.
    Maybe you could use your influence to encourage the PFA to schedule the films I want to see on nights I'm not otherwise engaged.

  5. I finally caught up with Kanal last year and have to say that I like that the best of his trilogy. The others are very good too - but the whole metaphor of going underground [Dante inferno-like]. Plus the cinematography was amazing.

  6. Shahn- I will do my best.

    Matt- Thanks for stopping by with a comment. I've admired your blog for quite some time.