Friday, September 20, 2013

Cutaways of Jiang Chun Gen—Forward and Back Again (2013)

WHO: James T. Hong

WHAT: The Taipei Times covered a relatively recent screening of this 10-minute, wordless documentary on the effects of biological warfare.

WHERE/WHEN: Screens on a program starting at 7:30 PM at Artists' Television Access

WHY: Hard launch of SF Cinematheque fall season. Other screenings presented over the next months at various venues; presence of an asterisk (*) means I've seen and can recommend at least one film on the given program:

Ken Paul Rosenthal in person October 8th*.
Phil Solomon in person October 16th & 19th.
An evening of films by Stan Brakhage, Jeannie Liotta, Paul Sharits, Su Friedrich, etc. October 17th*.
Thomas Imbach's Day Is Done October 20th.
Abigail Child in person October 30 & November 1.
Laida Lertxundi presenting her own work along with that of Harun Farocki and others November 10th*.
Standish Lawder in person November 13th.
Nicolas Rey in person, screening his anders, Mollusien November 29th.
Alex MacKenzie in person with performance-based films December 11th.

HOW: Cutaways of Jiang Chun Gen—Forward and Back Again is a video work and will be a video presentation, with James Hong present in person.

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