Thursday, September 19, 2013

Gomorrah (2008)

WHO: Matteo Garrone directed. operated the camera, and co-adapted the screenplay from Roberto Saviano's best-selling exposé of the Neapolitan mafia (the Camorra).

WHAT: Don't think it's possible to sum up more succinctly than Fabrizio Cilento does when he calls it "between neo-realism and neo-noir".

WHERE/WHEN: 8:45 tonight at the Castro Theatre.

WHY: Strangely appropriate booking in between the Pier Paolo Pasolini films in San Francisco last weekend, and the series opening in Berkeley tomorrow starting with the late master's most neo-realist work Accatone.

HOW: Gomorrah screens in 35mm on a double-bill with 1951 Italian neo-realist classic Umberto D.

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