Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hand Held Day (1975)

WHO: Gary Beydler made this film.

WHAT: A lovely little time-lapse short film that invites us to observe nature in a unique way. Max Goldberg wrote a wonderful article about Beydler and his films (including this one) in 2010.

WHERE/WHEN: Today only at the Exploratorium on a program playing at noon and 2:00.

WHY: Today is the Exploratorium Fog Festival, a day-long event featuring films, music, and a talk by Sam Green, who premieres a new performance at the museum this coming Wednesday and Thursday nights. These shows kick off a robust October for the Exploratorium's Cinema Arts Program, which runs films each Saturday but also has evening screenings devoted to local filmmakers Ken Paul Rosenthal and Paul Clipson, a showing of the documentary The Institute, and a program of Croatian animation this month.

HOW: Hand Held Day screens in 16mm on a program also including films by Michael Rudnick, Mark McGowan, and Simon Christen, the latter of whom will be on hand for the screenings.

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