Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Holy Motors (2012)

WHO: Leos Carax made this film video film video.

WHAT: I said this was the film of 2012. I didn't say it was the best film of 2012, and after two viewings I'm pretty certain it's definitely not. But it's definitely the film that seems to capture the moment and the zeitgeist most accurately, if not quite as deeply as I might want it to.

WHERE/WHEN: Tonight at the Castro Theatre at 2:30 PM and the Roxie at 8:30 PM (also at the Castro at 7:00 PM and at the Roxie tomorrow at 8:30 PM)

WHY: It's a bit of a conundrum, this film made on video about the transformation of film into video into some future technology we have no understanding of, made by a filmmaker who had no experience making video, yet couldn't get funding to make a film unless he made a video. And it's being distributed on 35mm film and on high-quality video. How to decide how it really should be seen? You don't have to decide. Do both! The Castro and Roxie are close enough that you can make a day of it, today only. If you want a palette cleanser in between shows, you can stay for the print of Being John Malkovich at the Castro and still have time to walk/ride/bus to the Roxie while grabbing a quick dinner on the way. Please let me know if you actually do any of this, by the way...

HOW: Digitally-projected (DCP) at the Castro, and 35mm print at the Roxie. This seems a good time to mention that the FOFF Bay Area Film Calendar now includes information about 35mm first-run films playing at selected theatres.

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