Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Something In The Wind (1947)

WHO: Deanna Durbin & Donald O'Connor, Universal Pictures's two top musical stars of the era, in their only film together.

WHAT: According to the program guide, "a singing disc jockey gets caught in a case of mistaken identity." I haven't seen this one before.

WHERE/WHEN: The Stanford Theatre in Palo Alto screens it tonight and tomorrow at 7:30 PM.

WHY: We're in the final week of the Stanford's essentially complete Deanna Durbin Festival, and though I've only been able to catch three films so far (in addition to the two I saw at the Castro a little over a year ago) they've all been excellent. In particular, the films she made with great directors are all undersung gems in the respective careers of Jean Renoir, Frank Borzage and Robert Siodmak. Somewhere in the Wind was directed by the lesser-known but still interesting Irving Pichel (who made the dark jungle adventure The Most Dangerous Game, and the noirs They Won't Believe Me and Quicksand) and I'm curious to see how he handles musical comedy.

HOW: The Stanford is only equipped with film projectors, and will screen Something in the Wind on 35mm, on a double-bill with Durbin's penultimate film Up In Central Park.


  1. This format works! We have all clearly been influenced by short form criticism on Twitter and Facebook.

  2. Undoubtedly. Social media is reconfiguring our brains!