Monday, January 14, 2013

My Man Godfrey (1936)

WHO: Carole Lombard and William Powell.

WHAT: I haven't seen it in many years, so let me give you the words of someone who hasn't seen it in about as many decades, Graham Greene:
My Man Godfrey, for three-quarters of its way, is acutely funny. The adventure of a sane man among the witless wealthy, the story opens with a 'scavenging party' at the Waldorf-Ritz to which competitors are expected to bring, besides assorted objects as bowls of goldfish, goats and mangles, 'a forgotten man'.
What did Greene think of the last three-quarters? Ask the Self-Styled Siren.

WHERE/WHEN: At the Stanford Theatre at 5:45 and 9:35 PM, the last day of a four-day stand.

WHY: If you're impressed with Silver Linings Playbook's Oscar nomination haul including a matched set of nominations in each of the four acting categories (male & female, supporting and lead), you should know that My Man Godfrey did it first. Literally, the first year the Academy Awards split the acting awards into lead and supporting categories, Lombard & Powell were nominated and joined by supporting players Alice Brady and Mischa Auer. And don't mention it around Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Jacki Weaver or Robert De Niro, but none of them won.

HOW: In 35mm, double-billed with James Whale's Show Boat, also from 1936


  1. Lina LaMont1/14/13, 8:55 AM

    I'm having toast and a small green smoothie for breakfast.

  2. Haven't seen in almiost 40 years, but besides the names you mention I treasure Gail Patrick as Cornelia
    (La Cava would work well again with her the next year on Stage Door) and Jean Dixon as Molly (the director had worked with her the year before on She Married Her Boss)