Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs (1937)

WHO: Supervising director was David Hand, who started his career as an animator at the Fleischer Brothers' studio, and directed some of the better early Mickey Mouse films including Building A Building after moving to Walt Disney's studio.

WHAT: Contrary to widespread belief, this is not the first animated feature, nor even the oldest existing one. But it is the first one made by Disney or any other U.S. company, and the first to become a worldwide sensation and box-office powerhouse. It's also the first film I ever saw, and I still vividly remember how frightened I was by certain scenes at the time. According to my mom, we saw it at the Stonestown Twin when I was four years old.

WHERE/WHEN: Plays the Castro Theatre four times a day today through Sunday.

WHY: Though it premiered in 1937, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs had its nationwide rollout 75 years ago, in 2013. This, along with the recent bicentennial of the Grimm Brothers' first publication, makes this winter (and, as Nathaniel Rogers points out, this Oscar season) a perfect time to celebrate the character. The Walt Disney Family Museum has an exhibit about the making of this film up through April 14th, and at least two other cinematic representations are coming to local screens in the next few weeks: the 1916 version that reputedly inspired a young Walt Disney's vision screens at the SF Silent Film Festival Winter Event February 16th, and the 2012 neo-silent film Blancanieves screens at the Rafael January 11th as part of that theatre's For Your Consideration series devoted to this year's Foreign-Language Film Oscar sumbissions from 14 countries. This is Spain's entry.

HOW: Digital (DCP) presentation of a new 75th anniversary restoration.


  1. Great new feature, Brian! Keep it up! Happy New Year! I am sure there will be many more explanation points in your blog comments in 2013!!!

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  3. Thanks, Adam & MIchael. I'm definitely aiming for 'streamlined' here. Optimistic I can "Keep it up!"