Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Impolex (2009)

WHO: This is the first feature by Alex Ross Perry, the director of my least favorite film of 2012 that seemingly everyone else who saw it loved: The Color Wheel.

WHAT: I don't know much about Impolex except that Ignaty VishnevetskyJoseph Jon Lanthier, and Michael Sicinski have each written about it favorably, and that's usually enough to pique my interest, despite not having liked The Color Wheel very much. I have to admit that the latter had a certain coherence to it, even if it was extremely unpleasant to watch, though rarely for any interesting reasons. I'm optimistic Impolex will be good enough for me to consider it a sophomore slump.

WHERE/WHEN: This is a one-off 10PM screening at the Roxie tonight. Come for Holy Motors or Tchoupitoulas and stick around for Impolex maybe? (Although they require separate admission tickets) 

WHY: This is also a comparatively early role for the current darling of ultra-low-budget American cinema, Kate Lyn Sheil, whom I suspect nearly everyone I follow on twitter secretly has a crush on.  She was last seen at the Roxie in The Comedy (which I missed) and will presumably next be seen there at least once or twice in the Joe Swanberg retrospective the venue is throwing down for in February.

HOW: 35mm print, baby.


  1. I was mixed on Color Wheel. My brother Eric who doesn't follow recent movies knew Alex from the video rental place and didn't think he was the type who could direct. I don't believe I've seen that actress, I'd be curious about Impolex especially on film but don't like being out late.

  2. I liked her in Green, Gabi On The Roof In July and Silver Bullets, all of which I liked significantly more than I did The Color Wheel. I fully intended to see Impolex tonight but I must admit it didn't work out after all. Such is life.