Wednesday, October 2, 2013

F-Line (2013)

WHO: Silvia Turchin made this.

WHAT: I haven't seen this short documentary, but according to press materials provided by the Mill Valley Film Festival, "F-Line is a sensory-based poetic film that explores the ethereal past of San Francisco's historic streetcars. Shot entirely on celluloid, F-Line embodies a textural way of perceiving these relics and examines the traces of time's mystery that fluctuate beneath the surface."

WHERE/WHEN: On a shorts program starting 7PM tonight at the Pacific Film Archive, or on another shorts program screening next Tuesday at the Sequoia and next Thursday at the Rafael, both courtesy of the Mill Valley Film Festival.

WHY: Tonight's PFA program is a student film showcase including works from filmmakers studying at half a dozen different Frisco Bay film schools. A few, such as Michael Ong's striking Through the Darkest Valley are currently available to view online, but for most of these works a screening like this may be the only way to see them, especially with filmmaker present. (PS the PFA November-December calendar is now available.)

F-Line was fortunate to be selected for one of the higher-profile local film festivals as well, thereby perhaps escaping the "student film" stigma that unfortunately is attached to works made on the way to earning a degree. (A stigma I abhor; great films like Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story and Dyketactics started their lives as "student films" but have become canonized classics of a sort). The Mill Valley Film Festival (which I previewed here last month) starts tomorrow, and includes shorts programs on almost every day it runs, culminating in an October 13th screening of festival favorites and a premiere revival of the legendary 22-minute fantasy film from 1980, Black Angel.

HOW: Digital presentation on aforementioned shorts programs.

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