Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Witch Who Came From The Sea (1976)

WHO: Millie Perkins stars in this.

WHAT: Fernando F. Croce has written the most eloquent positive review of this only-in-the-1970s film I've read.

WHERE/WHEN: Tonight at 7:00 only at the Roxie.

WHY: This screens thanks to the Film on Film Foundation, the first such presentation by this rag-tag group of celluloid purists in nearly two and a half years. Their first presentation was at the Roxie as well. I'm hoping tonight's show marks a FOFF rebirth, just in the nick of time as film presentations become gradually less and less frequent.

HOW: 35mm on a double-bill with another film featuring Perkins, also directed by exploitation film legend Matt Cimber, Lady Cocoa.

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  1. Hi Brian: I hesitated over "rag-tag," but today's (October 6th) Chron has story on recently deceased Viet general Giap, describing his army with that same word. It took the Minh and then the Cong 30 years to kick out the French and then the U.S.,
    so maybe if we're all here in another 30 years FOFF will have triumphed. Just a thought.