Thursday, October 3, 2013

Nostalghia (1983)

WHO: Andrei Tarkovsky directed and co-wrote this.

WHAT: Arguably the most rarely-screened of Tarkovsky's seven feature films, at least in the Bay Area. The last local 35mm screening I'm aware of was in 2004 at the Pacific Film Archive. Only The Sacrifice hasn't been seen on any local screen for longer, but at least that one had played at the Castro in 2003 and the Red Vic in 2001. I guess this is splitting hairs.

As I wrote a couple months ago, I consider Tarkovsky's films made for cinema to the degree that I'm reluctant to watch them at home. I'd rather patiently wait for a big-screen opportunity to see them. This means that, because I missed that PFA screening, I've been waiting more than nine years to see this, my last Tarkovsky film aside from a few of his early shorts.

WHERE/WHEN: Tonight and Saturday, October 5 at 7:30, and Sunday, October 6 at 2PM, at Yerba Buena Center For the Arts.

WHY: The upcoming YBCA calender, now updated through December, includes more frequent 35mm screenings than the rest of 2013 has brought to the venue. After these three Nostalghia screenings, October 17th launches a series of ten Rainer Werner Fassbinder films (different titles from the seven screening at the Roxie starting tomorrow), and November 7th starts a fully-35mm series of eight classic art and exploitation films that have been saddled with an X rating at some point in history.

HOW: New 35mm.

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