Monday, October 7, 2013

Fear Of Fear (1975)

WHO: Rainer Werner Fassbinder wrote and directed this.

WHAT: Among the Fassbinder films I have yet to see. Justin Vicari calls is a "forgotten masterpiece".

WHERE/WHEN: Screens 7PM tonight at the Roxie and 8:50PM October 25th at the Pacific Film Archive in Berkeley.

WHY: It's certainly still possible to see all 24 of the Fassbinder films coming to Frisco Bay over the next few months (which I listed on my blog Friday), even if you missed the five films that screened at the Roxie and PFA over the weekend. Although there are seven films in the series that only screen once (all at the PFA), they don't begin unspooling until this Friday when his 1969 films The Katzelmacher and Gods of the Plague play the PFA. If you miss Fear of Fear at the Roxie tonight, there is still a chance to see it in two and a half weeks.

If you live in San Francisco and want to minimize trips to the East Bay, however, you can do so by seeing Fear of Fear tonight at the Roxie and The Merchant of Four Seasons October 20th at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts instead of seeing the pair at the PFA on the 25th. Seeing another Fassbinder film the same night as his emotionally-draining The Merchant of Four Seasons might not be ideal either, so even if you plan to visit the PFA that night, you might want to attend one or the other film in San Francisco first. Seeing two Fassbinder films in one night is generally unadvised. Luckily it's generally avoidable with this Frisco Bay Fassbinder season.

HOW: 35mm print.

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